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Long Code

With long-code services, enterprises are empowered with two-way messaging/sms capabilities using the familiar 10 digit mobile number.

Features of Long code service

  • Suited for a closed-circle messaging where enterprises do not want their customers and employees to pay a premium for outgoing sms.
  • Used by enterprises who want their sales force to send them critical information or for receiving queries/responses from the existing customers over sms.
  • Unlike short-code service which is country specific, long code service can be used for querying business information from around the globe.
  • Cheaper to the sender who wishes to query the information.
  • There are two options available in LONG CODE Services
  • Dedicated Long Code Service: Here the client gets dedicated Long Code of 10 Digits and he can create unlimited Keywords.
  • Shared Long Code: Here the client gets a Dedicated Keyword and he can create unlimited sub keywords.
  • The Prices vary according to the Keywords and the LONG CODE Required